Proving false statements from online competitor about Super Turbo scooters

Thank you for reading the truth about electric scooters & not falling for false statements by our competitors who are desperate to grab a piece of our scooter sales by manipulating customers into believing their lies posted on their website. We do not reciprocate the juvenile bad business ethics they use & make false comments about our competitors, but we will prove their comments untrue. Below are the statements they are trying to get people believe on their website: **They claim that if you buy from any other company using the words “Super” & “ Turbo” in their electric scooter name then it is a fake: TRUTH: Our company has been manufacturing & selling electric scooters in the USA since 1996, while our competitor was still in high school. Our first electric scooter was the Super 500watt. We called it Super, because at that time the biggest electric scooter sold was 350watts. Now this word Super was used by us to describe our electric scooter. We do not own this word nor does any other company, I believe the English dictionary owns it. The word “Turbo” refers to the Econo / Turbo throttle used on high end electric scooters. So they don’t own this word either it just refers to the turbo function throttle. As you can see this is the history on Super Turbo, since we were first other companies have adopted our names, text, headings, etc… **They claim that motor factories do not make any motors bigger then 1000watts: TRUTH: Well this lie is so ridiculous it is hard to even comment on it, but here you go. Our motor factory (along with many more) produce electric motors from 100watts up to 2000watts. Why they would stop at 1000watts is beyond me. We have our motors engineered for our scooters. We do not buy from the China Wal Mart of electric motors called UniteMotors. If you get a Unite Motor it will be a very cheap motor & there quality has been going down for over a decade now. That factory will not produce any more then 1000watt motors. Now, having a bigger motor then 1000watts requires you have enough power & amps to push it, otherwise it will never reach full potential. This is why our engineers at our motor factory spent 1 year developing our new Hi-Tech 1500watt 40amp controller smart box. Most people cannot get their hands on this kind of controller, which you need for any motor over 1000watts. The Unite factory will only produce 1000watt boxes & less, like many motor factories. Mainly due to cost and low demand. A normal 1000watt 35amp box will not push anything higher then 1000watts, but when we developed this Hi-Tech 1500watt 40amp box & we added 6 more total amps to our battery packs compared to any dealer in the USA, it allows our 1200watt motor to reach full potential surpassing the 1000watt scooter.