Smart Urban 500 watt Lithium Scooter

Urban 500 watt
Price: $539.00
Smart Urban 500 Watt Lithium Scooter w/ Seat & Luggage Rack

Urban 500 watt w/seat
Price: $559.00
3-Wheel Smart Urban 500 Watt Lithium Gravity Board Scooter

3 Wheel Gravity Board
Price: $470.00

Super Turbo Chrome 1200 watt Lithium Electric Scooter

1200 Watt Lithium
Price: $829.00
Super Turbo 1200 Watt Scooter

1200 Watt
Price: $544.00
Super Turbo Lithium 1000 watt Electric Scooter

1000 Watt Lithium
Price: $670.00

Super Turbo 1000 Watt Electric Scooter

1000 Watt
Price: $449.00
49cc 4 Stroke Gas Scooter

49cc 4 Stroke
Price: $450.00
49cc 2 Stroke Scooter

49cc 2 Stroke
Price: $299.00

DG-3000 Digital Generator Inverter

DG-3000 Generator
Price: $499.00
Electric Key Start DG-3500 Digital Generator Inverter

DG-3500 Generator
Price: $665.00
Digital DG-6500 watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter Generator

DG-6500 Generator
Price: $1499.00

Lithium Conversion Kits

Lithium Conversion Kits
Price: $399.00
SUP Paddle Boards

SUP Paddle Boards
$499.00 Free Shipping!
Paddle Board Carry Bag

Paddle Board Carry Bag
$59.00 Free Shipping!

Scooter Wholesales welcomes you to our website & this is the home of the biggest wholesaler of gas & electric scooters in America.  Our company is proud to have the world’s fastest 1200 watt 36v electric scooter, along with the nations first 4-Stroke stand up gas scooter.  Scooter Wholesales offers to you 3 great scooters to choose from at the lowest possible price anywhere in the USA & we offer FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the Continental USA.   All our scooters come with a Lowest Price Guarantee, which means if you find the same new scooter at a lower price you call us & we will research your claim & if it is a legit company,  we will beat their price by $25 guaranteed.

Scooter Wholesales LLC has been importing and distributing gas & electric scooters throughout America for almost 2 decades & we have a full support staff to offer help of any kind to you before and after your scooter purchase.  You will see parts for each scooter listed on our website & we are always 100% fully stocked on all parts at all times.  If you have any questions at all please email us at or call us at 843-236-3172.  We thank you for visiting our website and remember, Why pay retail when you can pay Wholesale!!