Purchased a Super Turbo 1000 watt Electric Scooter from Scooter Wholesales & it was absolutely perfect in every way. Received the item 2 days after i paid for the scooter & remaining assembly took a few minutes & my son was gone. The scooter absolutely flys!! It actually peeled out in our driveway when he turned the throttle. Speed reached 30mph with my son riding the scooter, which exceeded our expectations. Everything on this scooter is a good quality, sturdy, well put together machine & we could not be happier with our purchase. Lastly, we did research all over the web for a fast scooter & what grabbed our attention was Scooter Wholesales offers the lowest price by far then any other company & the videos & the conversation i had with the nice man on the phone really sealed the deal in us buying this scooter. Thank you again, your company rocks!!

— Nathan Strickland / Cincy, OH

49cc 4-Stroke scooter is amazing!! This is the smoothest riding scooter I have been on. Starts in one pull and the pull start is so easy to pull, unlike my past scooters. I love the trunk under the deck. I put my tookit, cell phone, wallet, etc.. under there and the deck locks which secures everything. I love it, I love the speed, top notch all the way. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this scooter and website, scooter is better then described in the video.

— Dylan McCallum / Orlando, FL

Hey guys I received the 49cc 2-Stroke & the 4-Stroke yesterday. You all were 100% correct. They are fun as can be and very fast. Love the 4-Stroke as it is so easy to start & what a smooth ride. Very nice quality on that scooter. We love the 2-Stroke as well, very fast and lightweight, which makes it easy to fit in our trunk.

Appreciate your great service and the great scooters. Just thought I would write this review to show how happy we are with your company and scooters. Take care.

— Michael Chamberlin / Reno, NV

We purchased the 49cc 2 stroke for our 6 year old daughter for Christmas. Just wanted to let you know that WE LOVE IT!! I love the fact that it has a “kill switch” so close to the throttle. She has only had to use it once. My husband put it together in no time. He had to adjust a few things and it ran like a champ. It started after just a few pulls and the more she rode it, the easier it started. My 14 year old daughter wants one too. Guess we will be getting another one very soon. Thanks so much! I would recommend this to anyone!

— Shalen Owen / Henderson, TX

Bought my 1000 watt scooter to use at the hunting camp for getting to and from my deer stands.I am amazed at how quiet it is compared to the video! Negotiates field roads and trails effortlessly and does not effect the game population in use. No odors,no exhaust fumes,no impact on the environment at all,just have to be careful not to sneak up on the Deer And hogs on the way in and out! Also the folks at scooter wholesales are great at answering questions.and ship faster than anyone on-line! Highly recommend this scooter and this store!

— Robert Taylor / Perry, GA

Great transaction… arrived fast… Received the 1000watt scooter in perfect condition! I’ve been riding it to and from work … Love it! People turn and look as I zip by! Thanks again scooter wholesales 🙂

— Jay / Chicago, IL

Very happy with my DG-3000 watt digital generator purchase. I bought it for my camper to run the roof ac unit, which is 11,500 BTU. We had a new Honda 3000i digital generator that we paid 2000.00 bucks for that this unit for 500.00 bucks did the same job, so we took the Honda back to Lowes to get our money back. Thanks guys for saving me a lot of money, your generator really did the trick. I will be back in the future to buy many more i am sure. Thanks again.

— Doug Nelson / Miami, FL

AMAZING DG-3000watt generator. Going to start by the speedy 2 day delivery. I really appreciate that fast service. I called Craig and he answered in a professional manner my million questions i had for him over the phone, thank you again for being very patient with me. I really wanted to know more about the generator before i spent 500 dollars and i again thank you for your patience and your wonderful knowledge of the machine.

Now for the generator, he actually told me exactly what it would run in my camper and sure enough he was 100% correct. I told Craig what i had in my camper & literally he told me it would run the Fridge, all lights, stove, and the small water heater i have on board. He was so correct in his estimation and i just want to thank you again for your patience and knowledge of your product.

I will be back if i ever need another machine in the future.

— James Roberts / Hilton Head Island, SC

UNBELIEVABLE AWESOME 1200watt SCOOTER. I am a proud owner of the 1000watt scooter, which is a great scooter, but then i so this 1200watt and decided to upgrade. What a serious upgrade this scooter is. It is 5mph faster, more power from take off, and the coolest thing is the scooter is now all Chrome & metal. No more plastic parts. I really love the cool metal stepping plate over the back tire. It is cool to do tricks with.
This scooter is literally the best scooter i ever seen. I also got the scooter 3 days after i called the company and paid for it. That was a serious bonus.

Thanks again to Craig the owner for selling me this awesome scooter & being very professional over the phone in helping me with all my questions.

— Daniel Stephens / Salt Lake City, UT

Received the Chrome 1200watt scooter yesterday & wow pictures and videos do not give it proper justice. This machine is so much more bad ass then the video and pics show. It is insane fast. This puppy gets to 22mph in 3 seconds, then will continue to climb in speed over the next 15 seconds. The new Chrome front end is awesome looking and love the extra height and length of the scooter. We bought a 800watt scooter last year & I don’t think I will ever ride that outdated scooter again since i now have this 1200watt scooter. Very amazing Scooter Wholesales.

Saving my money to buy another for sure!!

— Bryan Jenkins / West Palm Beach, FL

This scooter is awesome. It is well worth the money and putting it together was a breeze. This has been my transportation around town since I lost my license. I can actually get place faster on this than I can in a car. The scooter is super fast The main reason I wanted to write this because scooter wholesales is a very awesome company. I needed a few replacement parts and they sent them out right away and received them super faster. I will definitely buy another scooter from them in the future. Very awesome company.

— Shawn McNew / Leymoyne, PA

I just received your 1200 scooter last week and I just wanted to say I was absolutely blown away.

I weigh about 300 lbs. I rode the scooter
About 10 miles round trip over hills,grass,pavement and just about everything with no problem.

The scooter put together with ease folds up easy I love this thing I had only one problem with it when I turn the key the cylinder where the key goes started turning too other then that I am very impressed with it

— Shawn Green, Austin, TX

I am a happy of owner on the 2016 49 4 Stroke Gas Scooter. I use it everyday for work . I have put about 600 miles on that motor and has been an extremely reliable transportation all over town . Engine is pepy it has good power . I have gone up with it thru steep hills and is just amazing what this little motor can do . Good pwer. Fuel economy is good I get about 25 miles of range. 1 Liter gas tank I just only pay about 75 cents to a dollar to fill up. Very reliable fun machine great for commuting around city or town . Very smooth as we’ll very safe . I recommend this scooter is totally best I’ve ever seen

— Neithan, Manhattan Beach, CA

Purchased the 500 watt urban lithium scooter, and it has been amazing thus far. The scooter was shipped in a timely fashion, and it arrived exactly as stated. I am about 190lbs, and this scooter has amazing range and speed. having a lithium battery really does make a world of difference. The quality of the scooter is what impressed me the most.
The lights are amazingly bright, you can tell they put some money into designing them. The range is also really impressive, I went roughly twenty miles and still had plenty of battery left. I highly recommend the scooter and buying from scooterwholesales.com

— Mario Santinello, St. Petersburg, FL

Buy! Buy! Buy! This 1800watt brushless Lithium scooter, WOW!! The description does not even do it justice. I did not believe the speed and climbing power until we received this scooter yesterday. Took it out of the box, 4 min remaining simple assembly, then we turned the key and took off like a bat out of hell. They are not kidding, this is literally a Ferrari. It is so fast when I took off at full throttle I did a wheelie it has so much power and take off boost. Do your self a favor and buy this machine it is worth twice as much as they are selling it for. Good machine guys never knew a scooter could be this powerful. AAAAAAAA+++++++ review from me!!

— Dave Walker, Allentown, PA

Holy cow this 2000watt lithium scooter is lightning fast and powerful. I read the reviews, I watched the videos, but I was completely not expecting this beast of a scooter. WOW. It takes off with so much power it can catch you off guard if you give it full throttle and are not holding on tight. I am a big dude at 300 lbs and live in hilly area and i have no problems going up any hill at all and with speed, shockingly. I have had many of the competitor’s scooters like e-scooter, razors, and uber scooters, they are kids toys and junk. This urban 2000 watt is a man’s machine and built very sturdy, can go in any off road terrain with power, and it carrys my 300 lb butt close to 40 mph, which i was not expecting. 2 thumbs up Scooter Wholesales this is a 5 star quality amazing product you sold me. Thank you and i will be buying again in the future for sure.

— Phil Colon, Fort Mill, SC

Received this beast of a scooter 4 weeks ago. Been testing it everywhere I can find the steepest hill, rocks, sand, 50 mph highway by my house, absolutely everywhere. It has passed every test beyond my expectations. I live just west of Denver in very steep mountain roads and trails and it goes up and down them in very rough terrain with easy. I rarely have to use both hub motors and the rear one usually is all I need on any hill, but nice to use both here and there when I want to cruise over 50 mph. I try to only use one motor to get a lot more miles on a charge. Highly recommend and thank you for an amazing scooter. I take this every where and it is my commute to and from work each day. Very Happy!!

— Robert Lee, Denver, CO

Superb eBike great-great quality I am so glad I did my research and bought from a family owned American company Who builds e-bikes and scooters in South Carolina. This e-bike is priced so low for such a high quality machine. I highly recommend getting this as you are wasting your time trying to get a China garbage ebike that is flooding all google searches. Found this SC based company by googling Made In America electric bikes. They were almost number 1 on all my searches, then I called and talked with owner for over 20 minutes on the phone him explaining the whole bike, what makes it top quality and explained assembly time and ship time. Within 2 days my ebike was fully assembled and packaged and shipped. 6 days later my ebike arrived at my house fully charged ready to go after just putting on the front tire, which is a quick release system, so this took total of few minutes. With the power and quality of this electric bike it should easily sell for $2000 or more I am very happy at the wholesale price and free shipping this company offers. Hands down unbeatable and USA made. NICE!!

— Caden Sallis, Liberty, NC

This 2000watt scooter is very powerful and fast. I did call into the company and actually got the owner, which was shocking, but they are American based, so they answer the phone. I was on the fence about getting this model, but I loved the ground clearance with the 14″ wheels, this is what sold me and the great reviews. My 12 year old who is experienced I thought with small atvs and things that go 40+ mph, however this scooter was just a little too tall for him at 5’2″. We are keeping the scooter as it is amazing, very high quality, came assembled all I had to do was fold up handlebars after I got it out of the box and 2 minutes putting on front tire with a single axel bolt, very easy, and we were off. Power and speed super amazing, just a little too much height and power for my 12 year old son. However, I am keeping it and letting him grow into it and get use to the power and speed. Thanks God it has the econo mode on the throttle, this is a great feature. Overall best scooter we have ever seen or ridden. Top quality. Scooters made in the USA are hands down superior to China garbage. Thanks blaze scooters we are happy and can’t wait for our son to get use to this scooter’s power and he gets a little bit taller.

— Sandra King, Potterville, MI